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Prose Idyls.

By: Albee, John.

Price: $35.00

Seller ID: albee,john.35bostonandnewyork:houghton,mifflin,1

Madam Secretary.

By: Albright, Madeleine, with Bill Woodward.

Price: $40.00

Seller ID: albright,madeleine,withbillwoodward.40(newyork):

The Birds of Nevada.

By: Alcorn, J.R.

Price: $60.00

Seller ID: alcorn,j.r.60fallon,nevada:fairviewwestpublishin

New Connecticut.

By: Alcott, A. Amos Bronson.

Price: $250.00

Seller ID: alcott,a.amosbronson.250boston:robertsbrothers,1

Sonnets and Canzonets.

By: Alcott, A. Amos Bronson.

Price: $165.00

Seller ID: alcott,a.amosbronson.165boston:robertsbrothers,1

The Transcendentalists.

By: Alcott, Amos Bronson, Edward Everett, Nathaniel Langdon Frothingham, Andrews Norton, George Ripley, et al.

Price: $25.00

Seller ID: alcott,amosbronson,edwardeverett,nathaniellangdonf

Jane Austen.

By: Aldington, Richard.

Price: $22.50

Seller ID: aldington,richard.22.50pasadena,ca:ampersandpres

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth.

By: Aldrich, Thomas Bailey

Price: $150.00

Seller ID: aldrich,thomasbailey150newyork:ruddandcarleton,1

Ponkapog Papers.

By: Aldrich, Thomas Bailey.

Price: $10.00

Seller ID: aldrich,thomasbailey.10boston:houghton,mifflin,1

The Poems of Thomas Bailey Aldrich.

By: Aldrich, Thomas Bailey.

Price: $150.00

Seller ID: aldrich,thomasbailey.150boston:ticknorandfields,

Annie Graham: Or, the Young Lawyers's Fee. And, The Uncle's Return.

By: Alger, Horatio, Jr.

Price: $50.00

Seller ID: alger,horatio,jr.50boyntonbeach,fl:gilbertk.west

Dan the Newsboy.

By: Alger, Horatio, Jr.

Price: $25.00

Seller ID: alger,horatio,jr.25newyork:a.l.burt,(1893).arepr

A Tribute to the Memory and Services of the Rev. Theodore Parker. From a Discourse Pronounced in the Bulfinch-Street Church, Boston, June 3, 1860.

By: Alger, William R. Rounseville.

Price: $70.00

Seller ID: alger,williamr.rounseville.70boston:walkerandwis

The Charities of Boston; Or, Twenty Years at the Warren-street Chapel.

By: Alger, William R. Rounseville.

Price: $25.00

Seller ID: alger,williamr.rounseville.25boston:johnwilson,1

Public Morals: Or the True Glory of a State. A Discourse Delivered Before the Executive and Legislative Departments of the Government of Massachusetts at the Annual Election, Wednesday, Jan. 1, 1862.

By: Alger, William Rounseville.

Price: $40.00

Seller ID: alger,williamrounseville.40boston:williamwhite,1

The Genius and Posture of America. An Oration Delivered Before the Citizens of Boston, July 4, 1857.

By: Alger, William Rounseville.

Price: $125.00

Seller ID: alger,williamrounseville.125boston:thebostondail

The True Lessons of Grief. A Sermon, Preached to the New North Religious Society, In Boston...

By: Alger, William Rounseville.

Price: $35.00

Seller ID: alger,williamrounseville.35boston:charlesh.crosb

The Last Canto of the Paradiso of Dante Alighieri. Being a specimen of a translation of the Divine Comedy in triple rime by Melville B. Anderson.

By: Alighieri, Dante Melville Anderson, transl..

Price: $50.00

Seller ID: alighieri,dantemelvilleanderson,transl..50floren

The New Life.

By: Alighieri, Dante.

Price: $225.00

Seller ID: alighieri,dante.225london:keganpaul,trench,trubn

Autograph Letter, Signed, to W.H. (William Hickling) Prescott.

By: Alison, A. Archibald.

Price: $115.00

Seller ID: alison,a.archibald.115datedpossilhouse,glasgow,a