Manuscript Sermon, "I Remember the Days of Old".

By: [New England History, Anonymous]

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No date, but soon after 1837. Sixteen pages on eight 3 x 4 inch leaves, stringbound, closely written. Commentary on the fifth sentence of Psalm 143, "I remember the days of old". From p.1: "It is my design to give an acct. (account) of the state of religion in New-England from the settlement of the country to this day...". Internal evidence suggests a date not long after 1837. This is an orthodox ministry - Unitarianism and Universalism are criticized, orthodoxy celebrated, the passing of the days when colonists were religiously unified (as Calvinists) and looked to their strong community leaders (the ministers) for guidance was regretted. The French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War were major turning points, as foreign armies fought side by side with the Americans, who absorbed the "loose" morals and deism of the foreigners. When these wars were over the Americans "carried loose principles into their families and neighborhoods. During the Revolution, French troops helping against the British were "fresh from the school of Voltaire". And, paper money used to finance the war encouraged damaging speculation, honesty and integrity suffered, Paine's "Age of Reason", a "course and abusive work", caused "many of our young men" to become "deeply and fatally corrupted with disbelief in the Bible", free and open discussion led to splintering of denominations, each competing for dominance over the others. These leaves seem not to have been used at the pulpit - they are so closely written and many words are abbreviated - it would have been difficult to read from them to a live congregation. There are two dates on the front which defy explanation, 1836 and 1847. There is a note on the last page referring to the ordination sermon of William Sleigh to a Deerfield, N.H. pulpit in 1801. This may have been a preliminary draft that was used to create a clean copy. In Fine condition.

Title: Manuscript Sermon, "I Remember the Days of Old".

Author Name: [New England History, Anonymous]

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