"American Literature. A Journal...",

Two issues in original wrappers, Vol.35, No.3, November, 1963 and Vol.36, No.4, January, 1965. Three articles from the "Notes and Queries" section concerning the Dickinson poem known today as "I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed" - first published in the "Springfield Republican" as "The May-Wine". In the 1963 issue Dorinson contribues "A Problem in Editing" the poem and Garrow "A note on Manzanilla", an ambiguous word in the last line. In 1965 Eby offers "A Variant Reading", suggesting that the poem is about butterflies and hummingbirds in a garden, contrary to the mainstream reading, in 1965 and today, that it is about Emily's interest in wine. The poem is one of only ten that were published in her lifetime. Both issues in near Fine condition.

Title: "American Literature. A Journal...",

Author Name: [Dickinson, Emily] Zahava K. Dorinson, A. Scott Garrow, Cecil D. Eby.

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