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Up-Country Letters Fine and Rare Books is an internet rare bookselling concern operated in Gardnerville, Nevada, USA, by Mark Stirling. We specialize in Nineteenth Century American and English Literature, particularly American Renaissance and Transcendental Literature, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. We also maintain an inventory of general rare and fine antiquarian books and manuscripts, first editions, natural history (especially birding) books, and archaeological books and monographs. 

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List 5:  Transcendentalism

     Click here:https://www.upcole.com/media/home/Transcendentalism.pdf


List 4: Two Lots - An Important E.O. Wilson Collection, and a Small "Starter" Wilson Collection

     Click here: https://www.upcole.com/media/home/E.O.%20Wilson.pdf


List 3: From the Library of....: Association Copies

    Click here: http://www.upcole.com/media/home/FromTheLibraryOf.pdf


 List 2: 19th c. Manuscripts, Editors, Publishers

   Click here: http://www.upcole.com/media/home/ManPubMed.pdf 


 Catalogue 29, Nature

   Click here: http://www.upcole.com/home/nature.pdf 


eList: Andrews Norton. Unitarian, Scholar, Polemicist.

Click Here: http://www.upcole.com/media/home/andrewsnorton.pdf


eList Two: D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, Father and Son, individually priced.

Click Here: http://www.upcole.com/home/dw%20thompson%202.pdf


eList One: D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, Father and Son, in two lots:

Click Here: http://www.upcole.com/home/dw%20thompson.pdf


Catalogue Twenty-Eight, Literature and Americana.

Click here: http://www.upcole.com/home//cat28.pdf    


Catalogue Twenty-Seven, Autographs.  

Click here:  http://www.upcole.com/home//cat27.pdf


Catalogue Twenty-Six, Scraps Pictorial, Curious and Amusing

Click here: http://www.upcole.com/home//cat26.pdf

  Catalogue Twenty-Five, The Best Half of the Human Race -   

Click here: http://www.upcole.com/home//best%20half%201-10%20pdf.pdf       

  Catalogue Twenty-Four, Angel in the House - 

Click here: http://www.upcole.com/home/cat24.pdf